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Complaint by the Forum For Fact-finding Documentation and Advocacy to the National Human Rights Commission about the capture of over 20 schools by the State Police of Orissa.

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Excerpts from the Letter

January 16, 2008

“The Forum for Fact-finding Documentation and Advocacy (FFDA) is seeking the immediate intervention of National Human Rights Commission against the capture of over 20 schools by Orissa State Police.” The reliable source revealed that over 20 schools, including the primary schools situated in the Gram Panchawts of Dhnikia, Garhkujanga and Nuagaon of Jagatsinghpur district in Orissa are being occupied by Orissa State Police and used for non-educational purposes. ….The headmaster of Badgabpur School has been suspended by the government as he opposed the police camps in his school. Also there are also allegations of Police Force involved in harassing and misbehaving students, including girls.”

… “The FFDA raises its concern against the capture of these schools by the State Police. The use of educational institution non-educational purposes by State Police is against the core principles of Indian constitution and India’s obligation to several international Human rights instruments. Over 4000 children have been suffering, and the state is responsible for the violation of their right to education. The primary school children, the age group of 5-14, were in fear for seeing the arms and police activities in their schools.”

Read the entire Letter at : Forum for Fact-finding Documentation and Advocacy Website


Written by janjagriti

October 12, 2008 at 10:34 pm

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